Saturday, March 14, 2009

Report: Emails Back Up Claims British Government "Sexed Up" Intelligence On Iraq

And that's news?

Come on, if you haven't figured out the complicity of d@@shbags like Blair in the Iraq fiasco, you've been sleep walking for the last five or six years. I can almost feel the arrhythmia that Blair gets every time he reads news about Iraq, knowing he's been conned by Boosh et. al. (supposedly his intellectual disciple) and getting immortalized in the history as a British politician who is worst than Chamberlain!

Now, Blair is out there pretending to solve the Middle East problems. I wonder how he feels, having been duped/trumped by someone with an IQ of a room temperature! He was intellectually vanquished by someone so beneath his "supposed" talent that the life as he knew mustn't feel like living - wonder how Mr. Blair is coping?
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