Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Condoleezza Rice On Jay Leno: Says She Won't Criticize Obama Like Cheney Is (VIDEO)

Who cares what Aunt Jemima thinks anymore, she's lost her credibility for good. She used to be quite intelligent and rational person, but got wrapped up with the neo-CON cabal. History will not judge her well and she knows it. Coming to the late night show circuit to somehow disassociate or distance herself from the neo-CONS like Cheney won't work anymore. The damage is done, it's lasting and will forever remain as a scarlet letter carved on her persona.

I respectfully suggest Ms. Rice to start repenting for her sins and hope that all of the souls she took away in Iraq through inaction or sheer complicity will find in their hearts to forgive her for what she has wrought!
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