Sunday, March 29, 2009

GM, Chrysler Sales Hurt By Bailout Pleas

Ditto that. Sub-par engineering, materials with built-in shelf life less than your dog's, utter disregard for the environment and, of course, contempt for their core consumers - the Americans. They've hocked $hiteous products to the individual consumers and the Local/State/Federal fleets for decades. When Chevy couldn't compete with its counterparts in Japan on their trucks' quality, they naturally gravitated towards the whole "patriotism" pandering ad campaign - with the racist/xenophobic Toby McGuire as their spokesman (IMO, and surely even in their hindsight, they should've gone with the Dixie Chicks). Goes to show you the depth of their genius! I suppose the Americans finally wised up and decided that their tax dollars aren't worth saving these zombie corporations.

According to the "free marketers", every company regardless of its size has a natural life span. At some point, absence innovation, they die a natural death. Well, sounds like it's time to don our black suits and get ready for this timely funeral.
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