Saturday, March 28, 2009

Allen Stanford 'Is Not Madoff', Says His Lawyer

You see, shmucks like us just don't understand why these mega rich people like Standford need our Government's help through drastic tax cuts as proposed by Messrs. Boehner, Cantor and other Rethuglican Illuminati. Why, that's how these super rich will turn around and give it back to the community and the nation at large by creating jobs - NOT!!!!

What a crock of $shit that's been peddled by the Rethuglicans for decades, bought by the mindless Limbaugh ditto-head drones and pandered to by every Rethuglican politician - be it Local, State or for the Federal office. I don't mind going down with this economy, but I'd at least know that this very point of mine would've proven itself. Maybe the pro-Gun/God-fearing/anti-Gay hate-mongering xenophobes will finally learn that they've been duped by the likes of Stanford and his puppet politicians for eons and how they've voted counter to their real interests all these years.

This "depression" maybe the exact methadone needed to cure the addiction of these masses to the aformentioned opiate!
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