Saturday, March 14, 2009

ABC and the ADL Don't Represent Me

Sarah, you've shown some serious Chutzpah by coming out against some of the most powerful players who influence our Middle East and, in turn, foreign policy. It is quite refreshing to see an intelligent person, of Jewish decent and here in America, take a balanced and thoughtful approach towards this conflict of the wills.

I'm sick and tired of being labeled an anti-Semite, simply for questioning the policies of Israel. I've never said anything derogatory about the Jewish faith or generalized Jewish people. As a matter of fact, my first mentor was a Jewish professor who I can't thank enough for guiding me to the enlightened path. Most of my friends are Jewish and my idols are Jewish (Jon Stewart, BTW, is God - not an idol). We should, especially as Americans, be able to have discourse, discuss and exchange ideas. Listen to the opposing views, challenge should we feel like it and have a healthy debate on the issues at hand. However, constant badgering to ensure that we "behave according" to the will of AIPAC or JDL is not constructive. If anything, it leads to resentment and will most likely backfire in more radical forms.

Just finished reading the article over at the Counterpunch, quite an eye opener - a lesson on what not to do if you're Chas Freeman:
About Israel
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