Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Liz Cheney Taking The Stage For The GOP

OMG - Tonya Harding doppelgänger!
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Is Bias Creeping Into Murdoch's Wall Street Journal?

Murdoch is a consummate businessman. He's figured out the old 80/20 rule; 80% of imbeciles, being led by 20% of the smart people (in this case, conniving people!) Over 54 million people voted for the vanquished ticket last year, most of whom voted out of sheer bias towards the current POTUS, familial or party loyalty or their misguided belief in the "promise" offered by the Rethuglicans. Nonetheless, that's an enormous block of target consumer/audience and any media mogul's wet dream.

WSJ gives Murdoch the top cover of "serious" journalism (not predicting the current demise, IMO, takes away any credibility of this paper). Rest of his holdings are nothing more than tripe factories, churning out mind-numbing, shallow, predigested and regurgitated gruel of disinformation.

However, to his credit - his business strategy focusing on this large block of imbeciles is nothing short of brilliant. Besides, regressing IQs create more and more customers!
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Roman Polanski's Films: Which Is Your Favorite? (PHOTOS, POLL)

"Hollywood, defending its own ...." Spot on! Hollywood Jevvry will distort any fact, vilify the most innocent, bend any rule, subvert the truth/lie/obfuscate and aggrandize the most trivial to support/prop one of "its own". Who gives two $hits about this pedo's "body of work", none of these drooling admirers would post a single kind word if the perp wasn't "one of their own".

Imagine a N@zi guard from Dachau, roughly the same age as R0man who gets identified as the rap/st by one of his 13YO victims in the camp - this same crowd will hunt him down to the end of the earth, and rightfully so! Maybe R0man ought to consider this as a script!
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Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Political Risks Of Tweeting In The Land Of Sacred Cows

Not much difference between BJP, Jihadis, Taliban and the ultra-right-wing evangelical community on this side of the pond - they may not be blood brethren, but ideological bonds couldn't be any tighter.
About India
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Census Worker Killed By Asphyxiation: Police

No one gives two $hits about your views (or mine for that matter), everyone is entitled to their opinion - just like bung holes, we all got 'em and they all stink for the one smelling it.

However, you're definitely self-l0athing. Especially if your claim of graduating from Howard are true (proly on Uncle Sam's dime). If indeed true, then you of all the people ought to know that it's not laziness, lack of education or weakness. All you have to do is stroll on over to Ballou High and appreciate the fact that despite all the odds against those kids, and centuries of oppression those kids remain indefatigable!

Doubt if you'd have the courage to show your face at your old Alma Mater (or especially at Ballou) and rant against these facts - doubt further that you're an African American, for no proud black man would ever stoop below Uncle Tom!
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Thomas Friedman: We Need A Partner In Afghanistan (VIDEO)

Don't count on Friedman to provide true coverage of what's going on there - all he's capable of is to support illegal invasions and starts bl0viating against them when they go bad - which they always do!

I'd buy that the Afghan war is the "good war", but who are we fighting there? Certainly not AQ and UBL anymore! Fighting Taliban has done nothing but create martyrs for the Pakistanis and has further radicalized the area - with no clear goals/objectives and a clear exit strategy.
About Afghanistan
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MSNBC's Ratigan Interviews Michael Moore, Alludes To Why He Left CNBC

Absolutely true! At least the British Economists felt guilty enough and begged Queen's forgiveness for not predicting the recent financial meltdown. On the other hand, CNBC continues an incestuous relationship with the Wall St. Heck, even the famous Stanley Bing (Nom de Plume of Fortune's Gil Schwartz) recently posted his concerns right here at HP after viewing this movie.

I hope that everyone in America gets to see Michael Moore's movie - it clears the puss off of what the "Birthers" and "Tea Baggers" so admire, the phony casino capitalism and a faux sense of market neutrality! I suppose, in the end, Ratigan's conscience got to him and he couldn't live with the lies that CNBC keeps spouting on a daily basis (even if cute chics like Erin continue to serve as the proverbial lipstick on this p/g)!
About Michael Moore
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