Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Santelli, Sen. Kyl Push Back Against "Outrage" Over AIG Bonuses [UPDATE]

Epic Fail. I can't believe that tools like Santelli are getting any air time - especially after having been thrashed by Jon Stewart and outed for what they really are, cheerleaders for the Wall St. cabal. His ilk (especially CNBC, the premier Wall St. advertising agency) have no shame for regurgitating the predigested lies of some of the most notorious Fortune 500 companies and banking houses. In doing so, they've not only done disservices to the population in general (IMO, criminal), but most of the companies that were actually performing well, had good products/service, kept clean books and solid market valuation. In retrospect, his lot has done more damage to capitalism than any outside entity could - including the terrorists, commies or the socialists combined.

Maybe that's for the better; the general population (small investors) get wised up about the hype Messrs. Santelli and Cramer create, decent companies disengages from feeding these gasbags their inside line and the Government starts regulating what these bozos can say on the air!

I won't be surprised if CNBC itself doesn't get sued for spreading the Wall St. propaganda in the coming months. GE, given the trouble it's in, should get rid of this pustule called CNBC and let it be hoisted by its own petard!
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