Saturday, March 14, 2009


"constricted life ...", how presumptuous! How would you know? Wiki before speaky! This should point out something quite obvious, that this phenomena is not specific to Muslim women. As a matter of fact, Tamil Tigers hold that record. What's your explanation for that? My guess would be a lot simpler than the psycho-babble-analysis that's being performed here, especially by people who haven't even crossed their State line, let alone lived in another country - ANGER! Maybe because they're poorer than their counterparts, lost their loved ones (courtesy of West's "smart bomb"), genuine hate towards occupation of their land (unless you're implying that women are less patriotic or self-sacrificing) or they're simply pi$$ed at being persecuted. Bottom line, however, is that they're at least doing something about it and are paying the ultimate price for their belief - instead of hiding behind computer screens and bloviating. BTW, on your earlier "Constricted life ..." allusion. I just got off the $hitter with only Cosmo as my entertainment (I guess she threw away the Enquirer!) while I did my business. Talk about "constricted lives", all these female-empowering "glamor" magazines offer nothing more than a "virtual prison" for the Western women, doesn't it? Substitute "How to XXXXX to YYYYY him" in every article, advice column or advertisement and there you have it - the virtual boundaries of your prison! Let's see who's more constricted.

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