Saturday, March 14, 2009

Obama May Get Cheaper, Stripped-Down Marine One

Completely agree. What message are we sending to other nations? That we're so darn pi$$ poor that we can't even protect our chain of command. The POTUS is the Commander in-Chief, the sole leader of the free world as we know it and should be afforded the best protection the nation has to offer. If you're going to cut any corners, I suggest start cutting them somewhere else - there's plenty of pork in the DoD budget, especially some of the programs that are being shoved down our throats (e.g., F-22, Seawolf Class Submarines, etc.).

We have the technology, means and the will to overcome those shortcomings later (i.e., we've got the blue prints and the know how, when the time comes let's build them), but to short-change our POTUS on security would be nothing short of criminal - the will of the people, the majority that voted the president into the office, demands nothing less!
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