Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Van Jones Breaks Silence On Resignation: 'Nothing But Love For Obama'

If by "most" you mean those with an IQ of less than room temperature then you're on the mark. Never forget the 80/20 rule - 80% du.mb a$$es, led by 20% of the smart ones; this rule is just as applicable on the TV viewers. After all, 54 million voted for the opposite ticket last year - you'd have to be one of the "birthers", "tea baggers", r@cists or xenophobes to have voted for that sorry-a$$ ticket. Now take 80% of that 54M and you've got plenty of clowns to watch the Faux Noise!

Eating predigested and regurgitated gruel fed on the Faux Noise to their vacuous viewers is a testament to only one truth - the majority that watches Faux Noise belongs to the 80%!
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