Sunday, September 6, 2009

Anthony Weiner: Obama Hasn't Led On Health Care (VIDEO)

Guys like him need to chill a bit. The problem is not Obama, it's the other vacillating Dumcrats who're too afraid to sign up to a single-payer option. Weiner needs to make sure he holds the line, not cave into the histrionics created by the fringe element and the MSM.

I recall strolling in Vegas a few years back and the union guys were protesting. There were probably twenty people at most who were actually protesting and the rest were just tourists gawking at the scene. The 6PM news portrayed this event as if the entire SEIU showed up to protest - the perspective gets totally distorted by the time something like this hits the b00bTube!

The POTUS is back, well rested and ready to take on all comers - including his own party. Let's see what he can accomplish before we give up!
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