Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Is Bias Creeping Into Murdoch's Wall Street Journal?

Murdoch is a consummate businessman. He's figured out the old 80/20 rule; 80% of imbeciles, being led by 20% of the smart people (in this case, conniving people!) Over 54 million people voted for the vanquished ticket last year, most of whom voted out of sheer bias towards the current POTUS, familial or party loyalty or their misguided belief in the "promise" offered by the Rethuglicans. Nonetheless, that's an enormous block of target consumer/audience and any media mogul's wet dream.

WSJ gives Murdoch the top cover of "serious" journalism (not predicting the current demise, IMO, takes away any credibility of this paper). Rest of his holdings are nothing more than tripe factories, churning out mind-numbing, shallow, predigested and regurgitated gruel of disinformation.

However, to his credit - his business strategy focusing on this large block of imbeciles is nothing short of brilliant. Besides, regressing IQs create more and more customers!
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