Sunday, September 27, 2009

Census Worker Killed By Asphyxiation: Police

No one gives two $hits about your views (or mine for that matter), everyone is entitled to their opinion - just like bung holes, we all got 'em and they all stink for the one smelling it.

However, you're definitely self-l0athing. Especially if your claim of graduating from Howard are true (proly on Uncle Sam's dime). If indeed true, then you of all the people ought to know that it's not laziness, lack of education or weakness. All you have to do is stroll on over to Ballou High and appreciate the fact that despite all the odds against those kids, and centuries of oppression those kids remain indefatigable!

Doubt if you'd have the courage to show your face at your old Alma Mater (or especially at Ballou) and rant against these facts - doubt further that you're an African American, for no proud black man would ever stoop below Uncle Tom!
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