Thursday, September 10, 2009

Joe Wilson Denounced By Lawmakers On Both Sides Of Aisle

Your typical scratch-an­d-sniff-Kl­an Rethuglican! His disrespect is a manifestation of his inability to reconcile with the fact that we have an African American president - that's what galls these rac/sts more than anything else. His contempt for the president is visceral, palpable and drenching with hate; just like the other Rethuglicans a$$h0les in the joint session.

So now, a black man is not only a better; Golfer, Formual-I driver, Athlete and hung, but he's also a better president. No wonder there's absolute pandemonium in the Rethuglican party and they are going guano crazy!

This is the same crew that tried and succeeded in portraying Harold Ford as a playboy with a winking white woman when he ran against Corker - baiting their d.u.m.b.a.s.s and therefore easily manipulated constituentcy that Harold was somehow having his way with their "white women" - LoL.
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