Friday, September 11, 2009

Joe Wilson Voted To Provide Taxpayer Money For Illegal Immigrants' Healthcare

Typical scratch-an­d-sniff-Kl­an Rethuglican! Wilson's disrespect is a manifestation of his inability to reconcile with the fact that we have a Black president - that's what galls rac/sts like you and Wilson more than anything else. Your contempt for the POTUS is visceral, palpable and drenching with hate - Wilson wouldn't have the ba//s to raise his voice if the POTUS was white, regardless of the party; Then again, what else would you expect from a$$h0les like you.

So now, a Black man is not only a better Athlete, but he's also a better president than any Rethuglican party has been able to offer in the last four or five decades. No wonder there's absolute pandemonium in the rank-and-file Rethuglicans and they are all going guano crazy - just like you!
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