Friday, September 25, 2009

Loyal Employee Burned By Bankruptcy Considering Revenge Default On Mortgage

I can understand the temptation, but she's only going to end up hurting herself in the end. Executive compensation is a joke in the US. The CEO of the world's largest bank (Chinese, of course) was compensated ~$237K last year - go figure! The uber capitalist system State-side turned these utterly clueless/useless "upper management" suits into industry rock stars, lavishing mega salaries and bonuses; they couldn't manage their sock-drawers let alone a multi-billion dollar company

I pitty the a$$h0les who continue to worship the "value" of the Board/Dire­ctors/Chai­rs and CEOs of publicly traded companies - they don't know their a$$ from a h0le in the ground when it comes to running a business and who have no compunction in pi$$ing away common-sto­ckholders' money! They can all rot in some far flung jail.
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