Saturday, September 19, 2009

John Thain: Ikea Would Have Been A Better Choice For My Office Renovation

Regardless of what Stan did, it was Thain at the helm and should've blown the whistle as soon as he reviewed the books. He was either incompetent, arrogantly ignorant, complicit or all of the above. Cut from the same cloth of weasels who didn't give two $hits about the long term prospects of the company, its stakeholders and customers - only short term quarterly returns and a few shekels in "shareholder equity"; just like a lot of other Unfortunate 500s out there. To top it all off, buying $6,800 for a commode, which shows nothing but contempt for the working class. He was playing fiddle, while the entire house of cards burnt to the ground.

BTW, he didn't save Merril Lynch, the Fed mafia did.
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