Sunday, September 27, 2009

Roman Polanski ARRESTED: Director In Custody In Switzerland

Because he's "one of Hollywood's own", of the "chosen" people .... Heck, they'd perform a citizen's arrest on him if he was a Gent/le; He r@ped and vi0lated a 13YO baby-girl and then fled the country knowing what he did was manifestly wrong; He is no different than any other child m0lester, but you won't find similar perps getting Palm d'Or!

What's startling is not his sh@meful defense by these ap0l0gists, but statement like; She forgave him, we shouldn't pick on an old man, there are others, bigger cr/mes taking place, etc, etc. - I wonder what these same people will say if P0lansk/ was a N@zi camp guard, who did the same, was on the run and this old?
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