Sunday, September 27, 2009

MSNBC's Ratigan Interviews Michael Moore, Alludes To Why He Left CNBC

Absolutely true! At least the British Economists felt guilty enough and begged Queen's forgiveness for not predicting the recent financial meltdown. On the other hand, CNBC continues an incestuous relationship with the Wall St. Heck, even the famous Stanley Bing (Nom de Plume of Fortune's Gil Schwartz) recently posted his concerns right here at HP after viewing this movie.

I hope that everyone in America gets to see Michael Moore's movie - it clears the puss off of what the "Birthers" and "Tea Baggers" so admire, the phony casino capitalism and a faux sense of market neutrality! I suppose, in the end, Ratigan's conscience got to him and he couldn't live with the lies that CNBC keeps spouting on a daily basis (even if cute chics like Erin continue to serve as the proverbial lipstick on this p/g)!
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