Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tea Party Washington D.C. PHOTOS: Conservative Protesters Rally Against Big Government

No, if by "Average" you mean; paycheck-t­o-paychek, under-educated, uncouth, r@cists who get easily scared into doing just about anything - from waging unnecessary wars to denying the most basic of needs to their own selves such as dental hygine to ensure a full set of teeth (i.e., voting aginst your own interests) then NO, we're not worried at all. Eventually, the Darwinian selection will ensure that the "Average" gets eliminated out of the gene pool - LoL.

So don't worry your vacuous-head over the banality of your "tea-bagging" and "birther" actions too much!

Quit tr0lling intelligent sites like HP and go over to WND for moral support from your own kind.
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