Saturday, April 4, 2009

Video Showing Beating Of Girl Shakes Pakistan Peace Accord (VIDEO)

We're all witnessing the results of our policies for the last few decades - reaping what we sowed (more like that little girl reaping what we sowed). It's the Policy Stupid! We've propped up, financially/militarily supported, toppled legitimate and quashed moderate Governments all over the world - A Wilsonian wet-dream for a neo-imperial America.

Instead of backing the regime of Daoud, who was a "moderate" but corrupt puppet of the Soviets, we created the Taliban to counter the Soviet expansion.

Taliban, like a venomous snake, can never be befriended - their existence is based on warped logic, based on radical interpretation of Islam (one could argue that Islam itself is radical. However, I'll let others be the judge of that).

All I'm suggesting is that we shouldn't promote international Policies that create these venomous snakes like Taliban, IDF (Israeli Defense Forces), Pinochet, Samoza, Savimbi to name a few!
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