Sunday, April 19, 2009

Obama's Gone Soft, Claims New York Times

Since y'all have your panties in a wad over my comments, here it goes; Lifting of sanctions on Cuba were half-a$$, why not lift them for everyone so that all can travel back and forth not just the Cuban families. No condemnation of Israeli war crimes in Gaza, especially the use of white phosphorous on innocent civilians - same old prostration in front of A.I.P.A.C. Continued support of the "zombie" banks and TARP funding for some of the most hideous banking/investment outfits - he has squandered a once in a lifetime golden opportunity to shove the stake straight through the heart of the usurers, who've deliberately led the entire world to the brink of collapse through casino-capitalism.

These are just a few of my gripes, and I'm sure others have theirs. I campaigned, donated and voted for Mr. Obama and consider him almost a Jesus-incarnate. However, it's our duty as citizens to make sure that the promises our politicians make are kept and the will of the people is carried out. Infatuation, my dear, may get you wet dreams but won't get the job done! How about them apples? Worthy of some "political capital" from the POTUS?
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