Thursday, April 16, 2009

American Airlines Doles Out Bonuses Despite $375 Million Loss: Unions

This should be a lesson to all who vote for the Republicans, simply because their daddy did so! It NEVER pays to vote against your own interest. Think through and for yourself - within the context of reality, not some hand-me-down politics and cherished memories.

Rethuglicans, the tw@ts who're making these millions, will make you believe that the real conservative values are to help thy neighbor, turn the other cheek and other B$ - so long as they're not the ones practicing what they preach.

How does it go "... please wear the oxygen mask first before helping the others". Sounds like a good suggestion to me - working class socially/fiscally conservative people should never elect bozos from the Rethuglican party who don't eat their own gruel.

Hope the ones who fear that they're going to be homeless didn't vote for Boosh et. al. Regret on top of this indignity would almost be unbearable.
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