Saturday, April 18, 2009

Don't Trust Vanguard: Vote For Genocide-free Investing

What a rancid soul you have, I sincerely hope that you end up eating your words one day. Nonetheless, in refutation of your feeble mind and edification of others:

This is the ground reality of all major Exchanges around the world, they invest for the monetary returns not the social responsibility or its values. Therefore, ALL conscientious investors are screwed. Somehow, somewhere, someone is investing in a Fortune 500 company that is tainted along with the others - most likely even without their knowledge. What I can't get is that so many people don't mind buying gold, platinum, diamond or other precious and non-precious metals/compounds from the so called "reputable" companies.

No commercial companies have exploited third-world, Latin America and unclaimed sea/land than BHP Billtion and Rio Tinto. British Raj made sure to put in place one-sided treaties that favored the Raj (and the commercial interests that kept the Raj going) before they walked away and the world is still paying the price.

Heck, even the Muslim investment strategy is looking better ( Who would've thunk.
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