Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lawrence Korb and I Debate Military Escalation in Afghanistan (Video)

Spot on! I hope the boys at CALL in Leavenworth figure the same without too many gadgets and don't get bureaucratic brow beating in doing so - with the final product reaching POTUS' desk unbiased. Someone needs to step up and make this administration realize the facts that you've alluded to. As much as I'd like our POTUS to succeed in his stated endeavor to rid Afghanistan of Taliban, that, in itself, can't really be our strategic goal (Ok, we don't bring democracy but a semblance of civility?).

Again, your allusion on the energy supplies in the region negates any "strategic" value of that energy to us. Even an elementary student who's versed in Geography can tell you that we're "not in Kansas", and that it'd be very difficult to have a boxing match with the bumble bees and the regional powers at the same time. Sounds like common sense to me, calling for alternate approaches.

Please keep up the good work by posting logical, clear and concise posts on the Afghan/Pakistan situation.
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