Monday, April 20, 2009

Dimon: Iraq War, Greed Contributed To Economic Collapse

Te he he! You're one bad-a$$ observer! Then again, should any of this come as a surprise? When the $hit started to hit the fan (Iraqis took it to the street and violence erupted, guaranteeing financial bleeding), everyone ran and started to take cover. This includes Messrs. Dimon and company (don't forget Weil from the Citi bank - he's always been the sneaky under the radar fellow). When the Shock and Awe was in full effect with innocents dying in their homes, I bet they were smoking the finest Cubans and drinking the oldest/finest scotch - almost counting the miserable sods they'd be able to issue credit cards to from Baghdad to Tikrit - at usury rates of course! Now that their a$$ is in a sling, they're getting with the program and suddenly have religion! I say F.uch them and the horse they rode in on. I'd rather deposit my money with the Grameen bank and make micro loans!
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