Monday, April 20, 2009

Gingrich Slams Obama Over Chavez Greeting At Summit Of The Americas

Someone please tell the "Grinch" that his party's multi-decade policy of not having a dialog with countries that are well beneath our industrial/military capabilities has led our nation to the edge of an abyss we find ourselves in today. As the POTUS stated, Venezuela has a military budget less than 1/600th of ours. Question is, what is are middle-aged (or in Grinch's case, old) white men have been so scared of for all these years? Please don't tell me it's the size of their wee wee - that's been a known fact (I'm sure the POTUS is making up for that in the White House!) It's got to be some other fear or inadequacy, which I need help with - suggestions?
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