Saturday, April 25, 2009

Barack Obama: King Of Corporate Welfare

I can't understand the vitriol of so many posters here. Why, just because Edsall is calling out the facts? Granted Edsall's no economist, he's merely pointing out that this administration is continuing the same policies of the previous, by injecting money in the "system" that has utterly failed us.

The argument that we can't let the "system" fail is bogus, it's exactly what needs to be done. A POTUS, who has the mandate, intelligence, charm and the political capital to finally clean house; redraw the Federal Reserve charter (about as Federal as FedEx); rip out special interest from the financial sector; change the law, regulations and tax modalities; etc, etc. - He is the One, he can do it and let's help him do it.

Didn't we elect the POTUS Obama because under the Bush administration no one said (usually couldn't) that the Emperor has no clothes! Of all the people, I believe Mr. Obama would be the first to acknowledge discourse rather than quash/quell dialog.

I know a lot of folks have Jesus-like reverence for the POTUS. However, he's in the office because of our collective conscience, which was raised against an almost tyrannical regime. In so far as economists are concerns, I suggest folks dust off "Das Kapital" and maybe read up on David Harvey's concept of "Accumulation by dispossession" - it's scary how right Marx was over 150 years ago!
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