Thursday, April 2, 2009

Michelle Obama's Clothing Has Sean Hannity All Out Of Sorts

Ramblings of a very sore loser! He can't stand the fact that an aristocratic, blue-blooded white woman is not the first lady of the United States. INSANITY has always been a closeted racist bigot, with tendency to spew hate through his so called "commentary". He uses 9th grade vocabulary to ramble really fast so that his unedumacated listener base will bobble heads North/South like the old toy dog in the rear window of a car (with all due apologies to the 9th graders and toy dogs all over!).

You see, despite their (INSANITY, LIMP-augh, O'Rley, KKKolter, etc.), Obama and the people of these United States won - their BS, consumed solely by the right wing nut jobs (which, there are plenty of apparently) was thoroughly rejected by the masses. They can continue to pander their hate to gun-toting-bible-thumping-meth-toking-racist-xenophobes-one-foot-in-the-grave constituency all they want, but that's going to be a short lived gig. Americans have woken up and they ain't buying their $hit no more!
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