Thursday, May 7, 2009

KINDLE DX: Product Poses Profitability Challenge To Publishers

Well, the publishers simply need to get with the 21st Century. Though I'm not a big fan of Kindle, it does offer; a widely distributed, highly usable, ample battery-life, over-the-air connected and ergonomically useful platform for converting Schoolbooks.

I believe that's the next frontier for Kindle, allowing students to carry something very portable. It's a perfect way to help the environment by not publishing millions of books that have a shelf life of roughly one year. Further, updates to the curriculum could be made over-the-air by each school district - securely, while reducing the overall cost of procurement and storage footprint.

Last but not least, we just might eradicate Scoliosis in our younger generation by eliminating the 40lb backpack!
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