Thursday, May 7, 2009

Poverty Fueling Muslim Anti-West Tendencies: Study

Jerry - valid point, but most suicide bombers have been Maoists. Take for example Pakistan: Bhutto, father of the slain Benazir, was overtaken by a coup d'teat under Zia, who had his orders from the US. Bhutto was a feudal lord first and a politician second. Nonetheless, he challenged the norm and actually was instrumental in setting up the first international consortium of like nations ala mini-EU (religious, cultural and economic interests) through a regional program called RCD ( That apparently didn't settle well with the Masters back in the West, the coup happened, Bhutto was hanged and that, coupled with Shah's demise, was the end of the "moderates" in that region.

Post Soviet invasion, the Mujahedin (or the serpent called Taliban) were given birth with the greenbacks (I personally saw the Dollar-stuffed suitcases being delivered from the Karachi embassy to the N.W.F.P) and the rest is history. Continued invasion, meddling and intervention in innumerable countries over the past six or seven decades has brought about an expected counter-response of radicals (push vs. push back) and have made moderates in those parts of the world more precious than gold!

Lot of folks argue that it's not West's fault, and to a degree I dig that - nations, like us, have interests not friends. However, let's not complain if all we've done is watched out for our interests without worrying about the consequences and bitch when they backfire!
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