Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mancow Waterboarded (VIDEO): Conservative Radio Host Say It's Torture

You're forgetting one minor detail, 9/11 happened on the Rethuglican's watch (House / Senate / Presidency) so they really didn't keep us safe - even when the memo came out in August that AQ was planning to fly planes into the buildings and Condi ignored it. You Rethugs have an attention span of a gnat, with memories even shorter.

"SO BE IT", WTF? We executed Japanese after WWII for doing the same to our soldiers, so don't be surprised when AQ/Taliban/Insurgents use this as an excuse to do the same!

Here's Rethgulican Logic (I know, it's an oxymoron but bear with me): Deny we "torture", get exposed and term it "enhanced interrogation", cover your ass by codifying into law with the help of some really mediocre lawyers at DOJ, when that an all else fails cry "Well Nancy knew about it, so it's Ok" and it was only "three turrorists", when that fails you b/tch/moan and take your ball and go home - buhby!
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