Saturday, May 23, 2009

Roxana Saberi Returns Home To U.S.

Getting your p@nties in a wad is not the answer. Just like WE were all complicit for having elected Boosh and company for two terms, despite the facts on the ground. Bottom line, if you don't do enough to change then you are complicit - you didn't pull the trigger, maybe stayed on the sideline and watched with horror - but still complicit for not taking any action! I blame myself just the same for Boosh's election - simply casting a vote wasn't enough.

This was a golden opportunity for the "mainstream" Iranians to show that they stood for justice. Instead, they remained silent - that's never brought about change. Someone's got to make the sacrifice in Iran, and it shouldn't have been a petite little innocent journalist from America!

BTW, I do have ex-pat Iranian friends who I spend a lot of time sharing similar ideas with.
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