Sunday, May 31, 2009

US-Cuba Immigration Talks To Resume: Official

Right on. I can't believe how petty the USA, or at least the ExPat-Cuban-lobby is when it comes to Cuba. We've done business with some of the worst regimes (as you pointed out), but just can't get over this tiny little island South of us. Shame on the American politicians and the ExPats who think that life for an ordinary Cuban was any better under the iron and bloody fist of Batista and his henchmen! If we had engaged this regime thirty years ago, we'd be sipping Mojitos and toking Cohiba Esplendido in the finest casinos in Havana - with the Cuban people, and NOT the dictators, benefiting from our vices!

I'm glad and proud of the fact that our new POTUS is taking on this nonsensical policy.
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