Friday, May 22, 2009

How To Get A Job: Be A Black Belt At Networking

Make sure you've got the "sheep skin" in the emerging technologies, especially healthcare and IT (certification in COTS products will do). That's REAL RE-INVENTION.

I recall needing anSME on TDMA/Frequency Multiplexing a while back. My search on the Monster yielded thirteen resumes, with only one US Citizen who had graduated from MIT back in 1969 (needed someone who could be cleared).

Don't waste time in seminars and networking events (especially if they costs money), only the unemployed/desperate are there - a commiseration fest. Instead, rely on real friends and family (remember the movie Ronin, you go to who you know!)

Don't shy away from Government jobs, they may not pay well but they're steady and you get 60% of your salary guaranteed in retirement.

Be willing to "flip burgers" if you must, consider it biding time. I get that you were an AVP at some hot-shot Wall St. firm six months ago, but even you had suspicion that it wasn't real. Do what you got to do.

Never give up - I recall a photo-copied cartoon many moons ago of a frog stuck halfway in an Egret's mouth, with the frog's hands clutching Egret's neck - with the same caption!
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