Friday, May 15, 2009

Glenn Beck Fails To Get GM CEO To Bash The United Auto Workers

Interesting. This A-hole wants to pit "higher wages" for the workers with the "shareholder equity", i.e., don't pay the workers on the "line" so that they can earn just enough to be part of the "American Dream". Basically, it's too expensive to build cars in the USA so let's ship those jobs out to countries where the pay is cents to the dollar. What a blithering ret@rd! A d@uche who probably has illegals cleaning his house, just so that he can exploit them!

Can't believe how dumb@ss middle-class or low-wage people in the US of A continue to vote for the Rethuglican party that this b0z0 represent, against their own interest and keep listening to fug-tards like Beck.
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