Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bahrain Ending 'Slavery' Foreign Worker Program

Not if you're an H1-B sponsored employee, then you're only a partial slave - 2/3rd the wages of a US Citizen, with 9/10th the work - courtesy of your Fortune 500 company. But hey, it's better than the slums of Mumbai, right?

Another one, which I'm personally familiar with, is the "A" Visa. Issued by the US State Department to foreign embassies and dignitaries so that can bring their "help" along with them. I ended up rescuing a lady from India who was basically an indentured servant to a Kuwaiti diplomat in McLean, VA. We found her wandering and scared out of her wits in the neighborhood. Poor gal was lucky enough to get back to her home town in Goa, with the charity of some wonderful Americans. The Kuwaitis actually interviewed her for a secretarial job, but she ended up working eighteen hours straight with no formal income.
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