Tuesday, August 4, 2009

For The Modern GOP, It's A Return To The "White Voter Strategy"

Doubt that much, normally this lot is living paycheck-to-paycheck, barely high school graduated and consistently votes against its own interests (full set of teeth to start with!). These are the same ign0rants who were cheer leading the war, with money borrowed from the very foreigners that they despise; borrowed at a premium mind you, which will have to be paid by our generations to come, with compounded interest that will put the recent bailouts to shame!

I didn't hear these hi//bi//ies cry about the "debt" or "borrowing" back then? I'm sure somewhere, while r0tting in his grave, Sadd@m is laughing his a$$ off at these wannabe patri0ts - who don't even have a pot to p/$$ in, foreclosed/foreclosing with their very jobs outsourced to the dang furnurs by the F0rtune 500 companies they sing praises of and epitomized - no worries, maybe another w@r will solve that problem!
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