Sunday, August 23, 2009

Could Afghanistan Become Obama's Vietnam?

Absolutely .....

I was there in 1979 when the Soviet 40th Army tanks rolled in from the North. The Afghans are a proud people with legendary indefatigability . With American help and Pakistan's strategic advice (read "The Bear Trap") they were able to defeat the mighty Soviets.

Although the casus belli, dynamics and modalities are completely different between the two invasions, the outcome, I'm afraid ,will be the same unless "we the people" ask some tough questions:

What's our goal/objective and what's our exit strategy? With a friendly planted Government, routed Taliban and dispersed Al-Qaida - what/whom are we fighting for (it's certainly not for spreading "democracy")? If the threat is going to remain persistent from the safe havens in Pakistan, then why not take those out (which we can't and won't unless the Pak/India/Kashmir Gordian knot is untangled )?

The Obama administration has indeed inherited a mess, but it's now at the helm and must use kinetic and non-kinetic means to bring this now unwieldy war to a successful closure.
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