Saturday, August 22, 2009

CIA Conducted Mock Executions, Reveals New Report

Tr0ll alert - Please, W0rldNet Daily blog community is missing their bl0gging idiot - report for duty!

" ... they put party before country" - Are you kidding me? B00sh/Chay-Knee mastered the art of party before country, put us in trillions of dollars in debt waging useless wars while lining the pockets of their cronies and pushing the abjectly self-centered cause of the Rethuglican party. Those a$$h0les were real sadistic bastards, proly the same lot most of the Rethuglicans belong to (if the skin is brown, never frown - isn't that the 3K motto?).

Suggest you rethink your premise, but then again it'd be expecting too much for anyone from the Rethugs to hold two competing thoughts in mind at any given time!
About Guantánamo Bay
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