Saturday, August 22, 2009

Goldman Sachs Execs Blame Anti-Semitism For Backlash: Charlie Gasparino

I'm afraid Betsy McCaughey won'tl be available anytime soon after being rode hard and put to the pasture by Jon Stewart.

This "trial balloon" of anti-antisemitism was sent up to gauge if G$ could garner some very needed sympathy, check-mate the legislature (hey, keep pushing pal and nothing from A/PAC this year!), warn the already occupied MSM to not report on the facts (i.e., no incisive 60-minutes or Bi// M0yers documentary about their shenanigans or the current Board/Leadership construct of G$ - which, if you dig deep, reads like the guest list at a Jevvish wedding and more interconnected than human neurons).

Truth will eventually come out, as it always does but unfortunately the damage is already done - these b@stards have eaten the seed corn, with not much left to rejuvenate the future economy except the usual churn-and-burn of the market by the same old thieves - G0ldman S@chs!
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