Friday, August 7, 2009

Obama-Allied Unions Threatened With Gun Violence For Town Hall Participation

Just wait, there's more a$$-whooping coming! These Union Boys can take care of themselves just fine.

Your kind is not violent, just dumb as dirt, for voting against its own interests simply because of a "worship" mentality with Pudge Limp0 and Inanity at the deice and exciting your high-on-twinky pea brains.

Can you explain why any paycheck-t­o-paycheck­-living lower middle class person like you would be against a Government sponsored healthcare system; which is not a give away like the Boosh administration's give away to the Military Industrial Chemical Complex and one that wouldn't be much different than the successful Medicare system we have?

They used to call it the Stockholm Syndrome - a kidnapped person's sympathy towards the kidnapper; Boy, you Rethuglicans have taken it to the next level - hoodwinked, snowed, screwed by your so called "leaders" and still keep coming for more - I pity the f00ls!
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