Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why China Is Dangerous for Your Money

Sorry, wrong! One thing you don't account for are the cultural differences. I still recall Bertrand Russel's narrative on the Sino-Viet-American intersect and finding myself bewildered on how we (in the West) are to defeat an enemy who's so resilient.

If we were mistaken about their resolve and the willingness to sacrifice during the war (lopping off a child's infected arm with a machete rather than see him d/e or be captured), then how can we be so mistaken in calculating their resolve to conquer us through economic means?

As individuals, I'm sure, they surely would love to be like us. However, as a collective, we have a chance of a snow-ball in he// against them - even as your run-of-the-mill competitors in goods/services.

That's why our ideas/principles must trump the Dollar-Rinmimbi threshold. I fear that both you and I will need to start learning (and teaching your children) Chinese really fast!
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