Monday, July 6, 2009

The Myth of How the Media Destroyed Palin

I'm pretty sure you Rethuglicans have it worked out; Borrow money from China and other FERNERS to fund an unnecessary invasion, give no-bid contracts to your crony buddies like Halliburt0n and KBeeR, let unchecked/unregulated markets clean out the clocks of a-paycheck-away-from-bankruptcy self l0athing hi//bil//ies who let the politicians con them through simplistic Guns/God/Gays issue, cause a depression and then hand it over to smart ones like Obama to clean up the mess - Oh, did I mention losing the House, Senate and the Presidency - along with any remaining dignity along the way!

Be sure to wear your Kl@n robe with the following slogan at your next Tea-Party rally:

"I'm broke, and I can't secede", while thanking Boosh and Chay-Knee. While I'll be having the last laugh at you and your party's expense, Hahahahahah!
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