Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What Gov. Palin Forgot

What about it? In very simple terms, it's neighbors trading how much raw sewage can be dumped in their collective backyard. The one who spills the most, causes more damage/stink and refuses to change his behavior must pay the ones who don't - what's so hard to get?

Oh, but what about China/India/Brazil or other emerging nations that won't comply you ask? Again, simply put - quit buying the crap that they'd continue to manufacture in stone-age plants and hocking them through cheap stores and "dry them out".

BTW, I'm a firm advocate of equitable service - both for and by the citizenry. We, here in the West, have it awesome. Fire/Police/Emergency Health/Clean Water/Public Schools (with Lunch mind you)/awesome highways/public restrooms/more-consumables-than-God-intended and on and on and on ... Until these nations can be equitable with their citizens, they shouldn't be allowed to question our standards. So sit back, relax, enjoy what's inevitable.
About Climate Change
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