Saturday, July 18, 2009

Asma Al Assad: Syria's First Lady And All-Natural Beauty (SLIDESHOW)

jnaro - You couldn't leave a nice post alone, could you? This wasn't about Syria, but about their "first lady". Ever wonder why she's in a skirt, in a M0slem country, and not getting flogged; as she would've had she been walking the streets of Riyadh - our "friendly" country S@udi Ar@bia?

No one mentions the cosmopolitan nature of Syria (or pre-war Iraq) when compared to our "allies" in the region - obviously, it would distract from the typical hate-mongering. Women's equality (really their plight) can't simply be white-washed by codifying it into a nation"s law " it must be strictly enforced and practiced with requisite diligence.

Our other "friend", /srael, in the region, though pandered as a civil/just/democratic society actually has it worst -
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