Sunday, July 5, 2009

Washington Watch With Roland Martin: New Sunday Show Aimed At Blacks

Come on Michelle, don't get your p@nties in a wad - your own site must not be getting enough hits so you bring your fatigued thoughts here!

Argument such as this is akin to saying we didn't need civil rights movement, since bigotry was dissipating post-Vietnam war anyway. It's only been 40 some odd years (and some of us still remember, BTW) since segregated bathrooms, water fountains, public transportation and schools, etc. Having elected a black president doesn't wipe away the systemic racism and bigotry of the past in one fell swoop - which still exists, albeit subterranean. Healing is a process and in this case, it will take some time including self actualization, assessment, critique and possibly redemption - for and by the blacks/minorities themselves, no matter how long it takes.

Consider yourself lucky that the aggrieved party isn't marching to the capital pitchfork/shovel in hand demanding reparations for over a century worth of free labor that propelled this nation to its heights!
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