Saturday, June 27, 2009

In Solidarity with the Iranian People!

Talk about knee jerk reaction - you must be on the PAC's payroll, for all you've done in all of your posts to this article is defend B-H L (don't know why, maybe there's some hidden guild there somewhere) and remarking/responding to anyone who so much as derides or questions /sraeli policies in the region.

I'm sure you will somehow suggest that bulldozing Rachel Corrie "alive" or blasting civilians with white phosphorous bombs is something that wasn't /sreali's fault either - I'm sure Rachel was provoking them!

Please post a link where B-H L apologized for such acts or has made a statement against these or other /sraeli atrocities, such as Sabra/Shatila mass@cre. Now that would be earning your keep from the PAC!
About Iranian Election
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