Thursday, June 4, 2009

Crowd Loved Obama's 'Irabac,' Even When He Flubbed It

Please pinch me, this just can't be real .... Having lived under one of the most ignorant, despotic, corrupt and immoral regimes for the past eight years, I'm too shell shocked to believe the reality - I'm getting goosebumps listening to his speech! I'm not sure if the coming generation will have the same opportunity as us to be as proud of their POTUS! I hope this is what our forefathers felt during the Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and FDR times.
About Obama Mideast Trip
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Kangaroo Brisbane Australia said...

My thoughts exactly, It is quite refreshing to hear the Leader of the Free World speaking with dignity and intelligence.

You all did well this time around finally after 8 years of lies and deceit.