Tuesday, June 23, 2009

DOJ: AIPAC Case Witness Asked To Fake Suicide

Yet he could've solved at least the economy, two wars and Iran (possibly N. Korea) issues on your list by simply being fair-handed with Israel. The nexus of these problems is America's totally biased and completely one-sided support of /srael. Our unquestioning support, even through white-phosphorous bombing of the civilians, does more to stoke the hate/violence against America than we actually deserve - all to support a country that lost its "strategic value" to us when the cold war ended.

He//, we chucked Philippine as if it had the worst cooties after the cold war (remember the cold-war-dividends of St. Reagan?) We've disposed of or changed the modality of other regional "friendships" for the sake of our national interest, yet not when it comes to the /sraelis?

We could jump start our economy by opening the ME market to our goods and services - which would amount to billions. Yet, we continue to pander to a $hit little country with no real value to us other than the fact that our legislature and the highest offices of the State are on their payroll.
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